Check out our Arctic Cat driven clutch.

Unleash the hidden performance just waiting to get out of your Arctic Cat or Yamaha driven clutch. This once top secret set-up is now available for the high performance trail rider.

Our unique set-up is a result of years of research, computer development and extensive testing using data acquisition on and off the race track. Some of the improvements we have witnessed have been a 2 second quicker 40 to 90 MPH time over a stock set-up. We have seen belt temperatures decrease as much as 50 degrees and belt life extended. Some of our customers have reported up to 4 MPH top speed gains and quicker 500 and 660 foot e.t.‘s.

If you like hard acceleration, quick downshift, improved belt life and improved engine braking, the X-1 will put a smile on your face. The most common response we get from our customers is “it’s a blast to ride”. We strongly recommend that your sled have studs when using this our set-up due to the added engine braking.

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What Is an X-1 clutch set-up?

Our X-1 clutch is not just a conventional helix and spring combination. The riding experience is, well... customers tell us that “it’s a blast!”. We have developed this set-up from 37 years in the sport of snowmobiling.

Performance enhanced Formula X-1 secondary kit is currently available for Arctic Cat Roller, Arctic Cat Button and Diamond Drive secondary clutches. Kits will be available for Yamaha clutches in Winter of 2008.

What can I expect with the X-1 clutch set-up?

What sleds will this set-up work on?

Currently our clutch package is available for 440 to 800cc stock engines and up to 600cc mod engines. We are doing development work for higher horsepower engines which should be available winter 2008 and available Fall/Winter 2008.

How do I get this set-up?

The Diamond Drive kit is a direct bolt on set-up. Simply order the kit and follow the instructions included or have a reputable shop install it for you. You should be prepared to use a spring compressor to disassemble the secondary.

The Arctic Cat Roller and Button clutch set-up requires machining.

  1. Send your (in good condition) clutch with a green spring (Arctic Cat p/n 0748-025) to us. We will inspect the rollers and bushings, modify your clutch, install our proprietary helix and additional spring, assemble the clutch and send it back to you ready to bolt on. We suggest that windage plates be used. We will gladly rebuild your clutch (reasonable parts and labor charges will apply). It will ship out the next business day.
  2. You may also call us for availability of reconditioned clutches. We will send you a complete clutch. If you have a secondary clutch core, just send it to us and when we receive your core, we will credit back the appropriate amount.

Will my current clutch weights work with the X-1 system?

The X-1 will work with nearly all stock Arctic Cat, Polaris and Comet weights. In most cases, the X-1 can be dialed in to work with your existing set-up. We have found some of the aggressive drive clutch weights will not work with the X-1 set-up.

If I want to use a standard helix, will the X-1 modification allow It?

The X-1 will accept any helix . All you need to do is remove the X-1 helix and spring and install your set-up. The performance of your set-up will be unaffected by the X-1 modifications.